On behalf of the faculty, staff, and parents of Our Lady of Grace Preschool, welcome to our website! Here you can read all about our academic philosophy.

Tree of KnowledgePURPOSE

Together, we believe…

• that this educational environment, based on the Catholic faith, enables a child to become a living example of faith and compassion toward others.
• that the academic program will meet the needs of the whole child by offering a curriculum that is relevant, engaging, and meaningful.


Together, we believe . . .

• in a program that develops a child physically, emotionally, and socially in order to promote a positive self-image and a respect toward self and others.
• in the extension of family values and Church tradition by sharing Church teaching, offering daily prayer opportunities, celebrating liturgy, and preparing children to receive the sacraments in the midst of our parish family.


Together, we believe . . .

• that Our Lady of Grace Preschool follows the policies and procedures and recommended course of study of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, which are carried out by the director and pastor, with input from parents, faculty, and staff.
• that teachers, as professional educators committed to meet the needs of each child, continue to show growth in their abilities and competencies through the use of various professional growth instruments.


Together, we believe . . .

• that the teacher will commit to the development of each child’s potential and his/her unique, God-given gifts and talents.
• that the teacher engages in a collaborative partnership with parents and other teachers to build and enrich the school community and its mission.

Our Lady of Grace School | Parkton, MD